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What Type of People Go to Counseling?

People from all walks of life go attend therapy.  Many years ago a person was considered weak or extremely unstable if they had a therapist.  Luckily, times are different and it's very common to go to therapy and for many it's considered a natural addition to their growth and overall well-being.  My clients range, and extend beyond, individuals wanting to utilize counseling as a tool for personal growth, those going through a difficult loss or life transition and those struggling with symptoms of depression or anxiety.  The short answer to "what people go to counseling" is "the ones that want to".

How Often and for How Long Should I Go?

This is a very personal decision.  I always suggest once a week at the start of counseling but ultimately my clients determine the frequency they want to attend.  Factors influencing the answer are available time, goals of therapy, budget, work put in by the client in between sessions and the nature of the problems brought into counseling.  Therapy can be short term or long term and I encourage my clients to do what is best considering their particular circumstances.

How Does the Process Work?

I work hard to help my clients feel comfortable and at ease.  Trust is a crucial component to successful therapy.  I don't work with any rigid formula and prefer a more organic process with distinct goals in mind.  The first session is the time I spend trying to understanding my client, their struggle and their goals.  From there I offer feedback including observations of patterns of thinking and behaving and use a variety of tools and interventions drawing from various theoretical orientations. I am solution focused but have an integrated approach and look at each client holistically.  I view therapy as a collaborative approach and I strive to find a balance between being too passive and too directive. 

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is very simple.  The easiest way is to utilize my online scheduler where you can view my availability and book an appointment after finding a time that works. If you would rather talk to me first I offer free phone consultations and you can call or email me to set up a time to talk. 

Do You Accept My Health Insurance?

I no longer accept health insurance for various reasons.  The biggest reason is a mental health diagnosis must be given to the client using their insurance and most of my clients don't meet criteria for a diagnosis or don't want a mental health diagnosis on their medical record.  If you have a PPO policy, I can provide you with a Superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement purposes if you meet criteria for a diagnosis.

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