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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling provides a space for people to explore unhealthy patterns, cyclical arguments and differences of opinion and outlook.  Many couples wait until levels of resentment are high but problems are much easier to resolve when conflict is low and the desire to work together is strong. It's inevitable that people will disagree, but conflict can be avoided if couples are equipped with proper communication skills, understanding of their partner and personal insight.

When working with couples I aim to get beyond the "content" of the disagreement and target the root of the struggle.  When couples have a good understanding of the source of their arguments, they can prevent them in the future.  Wrestling with the root cause is much more effective than focusing on the content of each particular disagreement which doesn't amount to lasting change.  In couples counseling I give room for each individual to voice their concerns and needs and I work hard to create an environment where each person feels heard.  I focus on communication skills, the history and insecurity of each partner, personality differences, variance in values, goals, family of origin influences and more.  I also regularly suggest homework in between sessions to hasten progress.  Many factors converge to help create a satisfying relationship and many factors are involved in comprising an unhealthy one.  Overall, my goal is to help couples find greater satisfaction, improved communication and increased trust.

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