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Individual Counseling

I believe that individual counseling gives people the opportunity to reflect on how they react to others based upon beliefs, fears, insecurities and patterns influenced by the past and present.  I feel strongly that counseling should be a collaborative process.  We don’t live in a vacuum so it’s helpful to be accompanied by a trained therapist who can mirror back what you might be missing and respectfully challenge beliefs and patterns that may not be serving you. Learn More.

Couples counseling

Couples counseling is a tool for healing and maintenance and can be effective at any stage of a relationship. Many couples come into counseling when they have exhausted all other options, but it’s a great resource to use when you are just beginning to see problems.  If a couple can gather tools to navigate disagreement when conflict is low, larger problems are often prevented because they have the needed skills to use in the face of future challenges.  Learn More.

Premarital Counseling

Build a strong foundation for the years to come! Premarital Counseling highlights strengths, exposes incompatibilities and provides tools to build and maintain a better relationship. It offers a head start by addressing differences and enhancing strengths.  Studies indicate that overall, couples who participate in premarital counseling have greater marital satisfaction, better communication skills and a lower divorce rate than those who don’t invest in premarital counseling.  Learn More.

Online Counseling

Online counseling is quickly becoming more popular because of its convenience and affordability as compared to in-office counseling.  I am very happy to provide this service and offer both confidential video counseling and phone counseling.  It can be very convenient because of expanded session availability outside normal business hours, the absence of a commute and availability during times of inclement weather.  Learn More.

Areas of Focus

Presenting problems are sometimes similar, but no two people are, nor should the way in which their problems are approached in therapy.  With that said, I have experience with a variety of issues, but I approach solutions with the individual in mind.  I don’t tackle someone’s problem with a one-size-fits-all approach, but get to know my clients as unique people. I attempt to obtain a complete picture including strengths and limitations helping me tailor a way through the problem.  Learn More.

Counseling Approach

I strive to create a caring and safe, yet challenging environment. All of us at some point encounter times of uncertainty, worry, sadness or crisis. You may find yourself responding to people or situations in a repetitive and unproductive manner leaving you frustrated and tired, unable to effectively work with life’s struggles and develop optimal relationships. I invite positive change and new direction while we explore ways to break patterns robbing you of potential.  Learn More.

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