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Sylvia L. Flanagan, MA, LMFT

M.A. in Marital & Family Therapy

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist AR M1709030

Originally from California, I moved out to the Ozarks in 2018 to escape the fast pace of the city.  I have two undergraduate degrees in

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Philosophy and World Religions and two minor degrees in Psychology and Sociology.  I have a masters degree from University of San Diego and almost 10 years of experience working in hospital behavioral health, was director of a counseling center and have more than 20 years of experience in private practice.  I lived and worked in Japan as a teacher, spent time living in Boston, the California desert and Northern California.  I transitioned away from the hospital to focus exclusively on private practice.

I enjoy my clients and my work as a therapist.  My education, life experience and wisdom garnered with time all combine to make my work richer with the passing of time.  I work with each client as an individual and customize my work according to their particular situation, struggle, personality, strengths and limitations.  I don't overlay a set standard of techniques on each person but integrate various methods in a manner I believe is best suited to each individual.

I love what I do and appreciate and admire the diligence and hard work of my clients which ultimately leads to better lives and relationships.


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