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Counseling Approach

Studies indicate that a strong therapeutic relationship is the strongest factor influencing a successful therapeutic outcome.  I focus on creating and maintaining an environment built on trust and comfort so my clients will feel comfortable sharing and exploring.  Change is difficult and my goal is to create a space where my clients can discover or enhance their inspiration, courage, direction and hope.  I look at my role as collaborator and offer tools, reflect back unhealthy patterns which hinder growth, encourage exploration, challenge where appropriate and help foster growth in all areas of life.  


I don't work the same with any two clients because no two people are the same.  I utilize many different theoretical orientations and tailor my interventions to the specific struggles, personality and challenges of an individual.  I use an integrative approach and consider a person's background, culture, personality and goals when working with them. Some theoretical orientations I draw from include Existential, Cognitive Behavioral, Strength Based, Emotionally Focused, Person Centered, and Psychodynamic. 

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